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Fan Forced Heaters

Fan Forced HeatersFan-Forced Space Heaters operate on the principal of spinning to circulate heated air. These heaters are possibly the fastest, most efficient and eco-friendly space heaters on the market. They are designed to create a swirling action that directs the heat across the room and throughout its perimeter. This provides pleasant even heating by effectively eliminating colder areas in the room. Some fan forced heaters are oscillating which even further epands the heating area. We offer attractively designed, quiet, safe, energy efficient and easy-to-use fan forced heaters. Please select one you like from a list below.

CZ50 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Small Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Howard Berger CZ50 model is an Oscillating Fan-Forced Heater/Fan. This light-weight and portable space heater has three settings, a 70° Oscillation angle, and an adjustable thermostat.
Reg. $239.94
SALE $179.00
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CZFP1 Comfort ZoneŽ Mini Fireplace Style Personal Ceramic Heater - 4Pack
Howard Berger Comfort Zone CZFP1 model is like a mini fireplace style heater with a ceramic heating element. Combines fan forced and flame only heating settings. Has three settings and an easy-to-cary handle.
Reg. $236.80
SALE $219.00
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Howard Berger Comfort Zone CZ798 DELUXE “MILKHOUSE” UTILITY HEATER/FAN model uses fan forces technology to radiate heat. Made with a durable metal housing it has an easy to cary handle as well.
Reg. $39.99
SALE $29.99
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CZ25 Comfort Zone Mini Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Howard Berger Comfort Zone CZ25 Mini Personal Heater/Fan model uses powerful yet compact fan force technology to emit heat. Take it with you to virtually anywhere where plugs exist and you'll be pleasantly suprised how warm this heater will make you feel.
Reg. $167.94
SALE $119.00
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CZ707 Comfort ZoneŽ Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Comfort Zone CZ707 Personal Heater/Fan model uses powerful yet compact fan force technology. Plug in anywhere and stay warm weather you are at home or at the office. It's all metal body makes it very durable if you decide to take it on the road.
Reg. $209.94
SALE $149.00
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CZ30 Comfort Zone Dual Position Convertible Portable Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
CZ30 Dual Position Personal Heater/Fan can be placed standing vertically or layed horizontally depending on how you prefer your heat to be distributed. It uses powerful fan force technology and features an adjustable thermostat with three temperature settings to help you stay comfortable and warm weather you are at in your office or at home.
Reg. $179.94
SALE $149.00
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CZ240 Howard Berger Comfort Zone Industrial/Commercial Portable Heater
Comfort Zone CZ240 Utility Electric Heater delivers a lot of heat in a short time. It heats up the room quickly and shuts off automatically if the unit overheats. Features include Dial Thermostat Control and Industrial Fireproof Grill design.
Reg. $139.99
SALE $129.95
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CZFP4 Comfort Zone&#174 Portable Electric Fireplace Stove Style Heater
Comfort Zone CZFP4 Portable Electric Fireplace Heater amazes with Realistic Flame Effect. It features 3 heat settings and Stay-Cool Durable Housing with Metal Frame.
Reg. $139.99
SALE $119.99
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CZFP5 Comfort Zone&#174 Electric Two Door Stove Style Portable Fireplace Heater
This compact CZFP5 Portable Electric double door style unit amazes with Realistic Flame Effect. It also features 3 heat settings and Stay-Cool Durable Housing with Metal Frame.
Reg. $179.99
SALE $149.99
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Sleekly designed fan forced space heaters from HeaterStoreOnline.com boast an automatic climate control system to maintain consistent temperatures by adjusting the fan speed and the heat output.  This eliminates annoying on-off cycles common to many thermostatically controlled fan-powered space heaters.
Despite their advanced features, fan forced space heaters are remarkably easy to use, conform to all safety standards and are perfectly safe around children.  Cabinets are cool to the touch; there is a non-glowing heating element.   Like most portable heaters, fan forced space heaters operate at 110-120 volts and can be plugged into any room outlet.  They will turn off automatically if the unit is tipped over. 
In addition to offering electric fan forced heaters, we offer a full line of infrared space heaters and ceramic space heaters as part of our line of portable heaters. Buy electric space heaters as an economical supplement to heating requirements or to provide heat for areas not connected to the central heating system. But first please study our heater guide for important information and help in calculating your heater size. 

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