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Radiant Space Heaters

Radiant HeatersWhen you step outside on a cold sunny day and face the sun, the heat you feel is radiant heat. The air is cold but the sunlight warms you – and anything else it touches including the car hood. Radiant space heaters work the same way – warming people and objects but not the entire room. That is why electric radiant heaters are efficient, and why they work fast to bring pleasant comfort to infants or the elderly without turning up the household thermostat.

Lava Heat Aire Bella Trio 3-in-1
Lava Aire Bella Trio 3-in-1 Heating, Cooling & Humidifying Fan: Combines heating cooling, heating and humidifying in a small high-tech unit. The Bella Trio is a serious triple threat (cooling, heating, humidifier utilizing a basic fan to disperse air).
Reg. $379.00
SALE $329.00
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SoleusAir LX-100 HP DB 4x1 Machine Fan, Dehumidifier, Heater and AC
SoleusAir LX-100HP DB Portable Air Conditioner/Heater/Dehumidifier/Fan cools, heats, dehumidifies, and fans all in one unit. This portable unit features a futuristic design and precise Smart Chip technology.
Reg. $474.95
SALE $349.95
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SoleusAir KY2-34 DB (PH3-12R-03) 4in1 Machine Evaporative Portable A/C, Dehumidifier, Fan and Heater w/Remote
This futuristic looking SoleusAir 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heater will heat and cool approximately 500 sq. ft quarters. The remote control helps to easily adjust temperature from across the room and the digital thermostat control allows for precise temperature adjustment.
Reg. $524.95
SALE $349.95
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SoleusAir HE08-R9-21 Oscillating Radiant Heater with Carrying Handle
This Oscillating Halogen Radiant Heater is one of most popular heaters because of its cost effectiveness. A helpful carrying handle and lightweight material allows this heater to be more portable than ever.
Reg. $59.99
SALE $49.95
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CZQTV5M Comfort Zone&#174 Ceiling/Wall Mounted Dual Quartz Heater
This Ceiling/Wall Mounted Dual Quarz Heater design consists of durable metal housing and grounded corset. It features 90-degree Vertical Tilting Bracket, Pull String switch controls, and Halogen Light.
Reg. $79.99
SALE $64.99
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SPT SH-1508 Tower Ceramic Heater with Ionizer
Features a digital thermostat with LCD display and remote with 120° oscillation provides widespread heat coverage. Heat can also be turned off and operate unit as a fan. Elegant standing design will compliment any room.
Reg. $102.00
SALE $69.95
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SPT SH-1507 Mini Tower Heater
Oscillating option provides even heat coverage to gradually warm your room. Mini Ceramic Heater compliments any countertop and offers safe, soothing warmth.
Reg. $69.99
SALE $49.95
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SoleusAir HE15-C7-01 Ceramic Tower Heater
This space-saving tower ceramic heater combines safe ceramic heating technology and a slim design that can go almost anywhere.
Reg. $52.99
SALE $44.95
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202SL Qmark Radiant Plug-In Under-desk Heater
This heater is an ideal, commercial, and safe way to provide warmth for cold secretaries, bank tellers, receptionists, cashiers, accountants, architects, engineers - in fact, anyone who sits at a desk, counter or table whether at work or at home!
Reg. $165.00
SALE $95.00
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WPC1500 Qmark Portable Panel Heater
This portable space heater features efficient multi-watt switch allowing you to choose between three wattage levels for greater comfort control and energy savings.
Reg. $239.99
SALE $179.99
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Blue Rhino EWTR720SP "Northgate" Patio Heater
Elegant and durable, this heater is built with weather resistance hardware and stands 34.6" tall. It uses 1,200 W halogen bulb and features Automatic Shutoff Tilt Switch, designed for the safety of your home.
Reg. $199.95
SALE $169.95
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Blue Rhino EWTR800SP "New Orleans" Patio Heater
Blue Rhino "New Orleans" outdoor electric patio heater covers an area of up to 12 ft. in diameter. Built with weather resistance hardware.
Reg. $199.95
SALE $169.95
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Blue Rhino EWTR890SP "Vacation Day" Patio Heater
Blue Rhino Outdoor Electric Heater "Vacation Day" has a coverage area up to a 12 ft. in diameter. Built with weather resistance hardware it uses 1,200 W halogen bulb and stands 37.4" tall. This compact, portable heater would be a great addition to any patio.
Reg. $199.95
SALE $169.95
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CZ50 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Small Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Howard Berger CZ50 model is an Oscillating Fan-Forced Heater/Fan. This light-weight and portable space heater has three settings, a 70° Oscillation angle, and an adjustable thermostat.
Reg. $239.94
SALE $179.00
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CZFP1 Comfort ZoneŽ Mini Fireplace Style Personal Ceramic Heater - 4Pack
Howard Berger Comfort Zone CZFP1 model is like a mini fireplace style heater with a ceramic heating element. Combines fan forced and flame only heating settings. Has three settings and an easy-to-cary handle.
Reg. $236.80
SALE $219.00
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Howard Berger Comfort Zone CZ798 DELUXE “MILKHOUSE” UTILITY HEATER/FAN model uses fan forces technology to radiate heat. Made with a durable metal housing it has an easy to cary handle as well.
Reg. $39.99
SALE $29.99
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CZ25 Comfort Zone Mini Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Howard Berger Comfort Zone CZ25 Mini Personal Heater/Fan model uses powerful yet compact fan force technology to emit heat. Take it with you to virtually anywhere where plugs exist and you'll be pleasantly suprised how warm this heater will make you feel.
Reg. $167.94
SALE $119.00
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CZ707 Comfort ZoneŽ Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Comfort Zone CZ707 Personal Heater/Fan model uses powerful yet compact fan force technology. Plug in anywhere and stay warm weather you are at home or at the office. It's all metal body makes it very durable if you decide to take it on the road.
Reg. $209.94
SALE $149.00
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CZ30 Comfort Zone Dual Position Convertible Portable Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
CZ30 Dual Position Personal Heater/Fan can be placed standing vertically or layed horizontally depending on how you prefer your heat to be distributed. It uses powerful fan force technology and features an adjustable thermostat with three temperature settings to help you stay comfortable and warm weather you are at in your office or at home.
Reg. $179.94
SALE $149.00
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CZ2011P Comfort Zone&#174 Deluxe Infrared Quartz Heater w/Remote
Comfort Zone CZ2011P Infrared electric space heater grabs your attention with its sleek, modern looking design. It features Digital Thermostat and comes with Full Function Remote.
Reg. $169.95
SALE $119.95
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CZ499R Comfort ZoneŽ Digital Ceramic Oscillating Tower Heater with Remote Control
This stylish Comfort Zone CZ499R oscillating fan forced unit comes equipped with Timer Function, Safety Tip-Over Switch and Full Function Remote.
Reg. $64.95
SALE $49.00
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CZ488 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Dual Ceramic Tower Citadel Heater/Fan
This compact and durable oscillating fan forced unit comes equipped with three heat settings, Safety Tip-Over Switch and Stay-Cool Body design.
Reg. $49.99
SALE $34.99
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CZ998 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Parabolic Radiant Dish Heater
Comfort Zone CZ998 Oscillating Parabolic Radiant Dish Heater will warm your room with radiant heat, that heats the objects instead of the air. This compact space heater features adjustable direction and tilt, 70-degree oscillation, and chrome reflector.
Reg. $59.99
SALE $34.95
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CZ240 Howard Berger Comfort Zone Industrial/Commercial Portable Heater
Comfort Zone CZ240 Utility Electric Heater delivers a lot of heat in a short time. It heats up the room quickly and shuts off automatically if the unit overheats. Features include Dial Thermostat Control and Industrial Fireproof Grill design.
Reg. $139.99
SALE $129.95
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Infrared radiant heaters from HeaterStoreOnline.com are available in a wide variety of configurations for use in homes, garages and workshops. Oil-filled radiant heaters resemble steam or hot water radiators. They serve as portable radiant heaters because they can be rolled where needed, and they are especially attractive because they retain heat once the electric heating element turns off. Floor or tabletop units are available in column or sunburst designs, some of which oscillate to warm larger groups in the room. Other options combine radiant and convection heat by incorporating fans into the design. All units are thermostatically controlled and will automatically turn off if they are accidently knocked over.

Choose a propane radiant heater or a natural gas radiant heater when you want to heat a garage or workspace without using electricity.

Electric radiant heaters operate at 110-120 volts and can be plugged into any room outlet. Use a GFI-rated receptacle when these heaters are used in bathrooms or other areas where water is nearby.

Choose from our broad selection of floor, wall or ceiling-mounted radiant heaters as an economical supplement to your indoor heating requirements or to provide heat for areas not connected to the central heating system. They conform to all safety standards. Please study our heater guide for important information on selecting heaters and for help in calculating your heater size. Take a look at our selection of top value radiant space heaters, we are sure that you'll find exactly what you need.
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