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Vortex HeatersVortex space heaters operate on the principal of a vortex – or spinning – to circulate heated air. These heaters are possibly the fastest, most efficient and eco-friendly space heaters on the market. They are designed to create a swirling action that directs the heat across the room and throughout its perimeter. This provides pleasant even heating by effectively eliminating colder areas in the room.

Vornado TVH 600 Vortex Home Heater EH1-0036-46
The TVH 600 includes a Smart Remote which intelligently reads and relays temperature to the unit, for a more accurate temperature reading. Includes multi-level safety protection with automatic tip-over protection, non-glowing heat element, and cool touch cabinet.
Reg. $259.99
SALE $239.99
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Vornado iControl Vortex Home Heater EH1-0041-44
Automatic climate control eliminates annoying hot and cold cycles, maintaining the set temperature using less energy. Unique one-knob interface puts all of the heater’s functions at your fingertips.
Reg. $189.99
SALE $169.99
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Vornado Touchstone 500 Vortex Home Heater EH1-0032-28
The TVH500 full room heater is constructed of steel and remains cool to the touch. It uses Vornado’s signature vortex energy efficient circulation to quietly and evenly warm a room, from floor to ceiling in only minutes!
Reg. $189.99
SALE $169.99
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Vornado Vortex Room Heater DVTH EH1-0028-06
This household heater has advanced safety features including: Automatic Safety Shutoff, non-glowing heat element, tight grill spacing and cool touch exterior to provide worry-free use. With it's beautifully designed classic lines and energy saving features no wonder this heater is was rated as "BEST OVERALL".
Reg. $149.99
SALE $129.99
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Vornado Vortex Room Heater AVH-2 EH1-0034-06
This is unlike most space heaters that heat the space directly in front of the unit with the heat immediately rising to the ceiling. The AVH2 full room heater is not your average space heater.
Reg. $139.99
SALE $119.99
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Vornado Vortex Room Heater VH2, EH1-0020-47 (Beige)
This VH2 full room unit has a simple to use turn-dial thermostatic temperature control knob. Simply heat the room to a comfortable level and then turn the dial back until the heater shuts off. It will then maintain that temperature within 3 to 4 degrees. It is whisper-quiet and has advanced safety features to provide worry-free use.
Reg. $129.99
SALE $99.99
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Vornado VH101 Personal Heater
The VH101 features 2 heat settings-high outputs 750 Watts, and 375 on low - giving you control of your heat. This Personal Heater is encased in cool touch case that doesn’t get hot even after extended operation, as well as a tipover switch that immediately cuts the heat and fan if the heater tips.
Reg. $59.99
SALE $49.99
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Holmes HFH416-UM Swirl Grill Power Heater
Holmes Swirl Grill Power Heater features High and low wattage settings, along with other temperature setting options providing you with comfort. This fan forced compact table top unit comes with manual and auto heat settings, Automatic Safety Shut-Off switch, and Cool touch plastic housing.
Reg. $29.99
SALE $24.99
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Holmes HFH105UM Ceramic Utility Heater
This compact Holmes Products Ceramic Utility Heater features convenient cord wrap system and integrated carry handle, making it easy to move around and store. Other features include Automatic Shut-Off switch, Power Indicator, heat and fan settings.
Reg. $24.99
SALE $19.99
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Sleekly designed vortex space heaters from HeaterStoreOnline.com boast an automatic climate control system to maintain consistent temperatures by adjusting the fan speed and the heat output. This eliminates annoying on-off cycles common to many thermostatically controlled fan-powered space heaters.

Despite their advanced features, vortex space heaters are remarkably easy to use, conform to all safety standards and are perfectly safe around children. Cabinets are cool to the touch; there is a non-glowing heating element. Like most portable heaters, vortex space heaters operate at 110-120 volts and can be plugged into any room outlet. They will turn off automatically if the unit is tipped over.

In addition to offering electric vortex heaters, we offer a full line of infrared space heaters and ceramic space heaters as part of our line of portable heaters. Buy electric space heaters as an economical supplement to heating requirements or to provide heat for areas not connected to the central heating system. But first please study our heater guide for important information and help in calculating your heater size.
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