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When we had to provide a room for my mother in law we knew extra heating would be required due to her age. Thankfully we were able to find a trim electric wall heater from It takes up no floor space and lets her set her room temperature to the most comfortable level. Great store! Thanks guys.
Florence L, Virginia

Moving the TV room to the basement seemed like a good idea until the weather changed. Rather than an expensive expansion of our home’s baseboard hot water heating system we selected electric baseboard heaters from They arrived within a week, and my husband was able to install them in an evening. Now my family’s sports and video game junkies are comfortable and the rest of the house is quiet. Such a pleasant shopping experience overall. Keep doing great work, heaterstore team.
Joanne G, Ohio

I could not believe the exciting range of designs and styles of tabletop patio heaters offered by – the biggest problem was to decide which one to buy. But the prices are so attractive we were able to purchase several for our spring and fall garden parties. Thanks a million!
Jean C, Massachusetts.

Writing to express our appreciation to the owners of As part of remodeling our deck we investigated several options to extend its use by providing space heaters. A visit to quickly solved the issue thanks to their comprehensive heater guide and their large selection of propane patio heaters, which were exactly what we were looking for. The ease of order processing and fast delivery meant that we could start enjoying the new deck as soon as it was completed. Thank you very much! Keep doing such great work!
Bob and Maria L, Michigan

Here in South Carolina we’re generally blessed with mild weather, but when temperatures drop below comfort level we turn on our vortex space heater we purchased from It circulates warm air evenly throughout our family room with nobody subjected to hot spots or cold spots, and saves a pile of money because we don’t have to turn on the central heating system. Great site! We are very satisfied. Thanks!
Agnes M, South Carolina

Our family was in a complete quandary as to what type of space heater we should purchase for our remodeled closed in porch. A neighbor told us about a heater guide on the heaterstoreonline website. We found it to be a clear explanation not only on the types of heaters that would work for us, but also how to select the correct heater based on the size and construction of the room. We selected an infrared system as the most practical solution as it warms the occupants, not the air in the room. Thank you heaterstoreonline for solving our problem quickly and efficiently!
Charles J, Oklahoma

If you are shopping online for space heaters, is definitely the place! I needed a space heater and was not distracted by other products that clutter up so many other websites. Not only that, site has excellent selection and provided great customer service.
Megan G, New Jersey.

I must admit that until experiencing I was not a fan of online shopping, nor was I particularly anxious to visit one of the big box stores. A co-worker convinced me to check it out after I told him about adding a room for our new baby, and our concern as to what type of space heater we should have. Well, one visit to the heater guide at put my concerns to rest. After reading through it my husband and I quickly agreed that a ceramic room space heater was the safest solution for the little one when he or she arrives. We are really pleased with the whole experience and are now much more inclined to shop online. All this thanks to the
Alice S, Missouri

The playhouse my husband built for our pre-teen children and their friends is such a hit that they want to use it all year round for sleepovers and moviethons. Trouble is, here in West Texas the nights can get cold so we needed a safe but economical way to provide heat for the gang. We decided on ceiling mounted infrared heaters from as the safest way to warm bodies without danger of burns or fires. We were especially pleased by the fast service provided. Our big thanks!
Janet P, Texas

Each week my wife and I host a Bible discussion group for members of our church. Some of our visitors are more sensitive to cold than others. After looking at the many types of space heaters available from we purchased an oscillating heater and seat these participants near it. They are kept comfortably warm while the rest of the group is equally comfortable outside the heat zone. We love the product and we are very pleased with your service. God Bless!
John J, Michigan

Since I retired I’ve devoted my time to my hobby of restoring antique furniture in my detached workshop. Because many of the solvents and finishes I use are flammable, it was important to select the proper heating system to avoid the potential of a fire. After studying the various types of space heaters on it was clear that wall mounted infrared heaters were the correct solution. I was doubly pleased at the speed of service, and now can work year-round and keep out of my wife’s way. I am grateful and satisfied.
Philip P, Maine

Our house has an entry foyer not served by our central heating system, and becomes an icebox during the winter season here in the Yosemite area. Every time somebody comes in the living room gets a blast of cold air. We checked for a solution to this on and purchased electric baseboard space heater with a wall-mounted thermostat that we set at 60 degrees. We were able to find exactly what we needed with ease. It was well within the price range we were anticipating and the item came quickly. My partner and I wanted to thank heaterstoreonline for great product and wonderful shopping experience.
William R, California