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Space Heaters

Space Heaters

Space heaters help lower household heating costs by providing extra heat where needed. As the online specialist in space heating products, is your trusted source for information you need to buy the correct space heater based on the type of heat needed and the area being heated.

  • Baseboard Space Heaters
    Starting at $59.99

    Baseboard Space Heaters

    Like ceramic and infrared electrical heaters, baseboard space heaters are quick to respond to warm bathrooms, guest rooms, dressing rooms, nurseries, bedrooms and other areas such as Florida rooms and sun rooms to extend the outdoor season.

  • Ceramic Space Heaters
    Starting at $24.99

    Ceramic Space Heaters

    Ceramic room heaters are quick to respond, making them a good choice for rooms that are used infrequently. A person entering the room turns on the ceramic space heater and is comfortable within minutes. Some models of ceramic space heaters oscillate and are equipped with a fan to help blow the warmed air into the room. Other models are equipped with a humidifier to provide healthful moisture content in the air.

  • Convection Space Heaters
    Starting at $49.99

    Convection Space Heaters

    Choose convection permanent or portable heaters when you want to heat an entire room and not just people in front of a radiant heater. Some are equipped with fans to help circulate the air in the room. Other types of convection electric heaters use ceramic discs.

  • Desktop Heaters
    Starting at $24.95

    Desktop Heaters

    Energy efficient and office space desktop space heaters offer personal comfort while offering modern design. Help keep you warm during cooler seasons or sudden temperature drops at your home or office.

  • Fan Forced Heaters
    Starting at $19.99

    Fan Forced Heaters

    Fan forced space heaters operate on the principal of spinning to circulate heated air. These heaters are possibly the fastest, most efficient and eco-friendly space heaters on the market. They are designed to create a swirling action that directs the heat across the room and throughout its perimeter. This provides pleasant even heating by effectively eliminating colder areas in the room.

  • Infrared Space Heaters
    Starting at $34.99

    Infrared Space Heaters

    Infrared space heaters are fast, quiet, odor-free, eco-friendly and efficient. They are available in a wide variety of configurations for use in homes, garages and workshops. Some pedestal and tower designs have fans and oscillate to warm a broader area.

  • Oil-Filled Space Heaters
    Starting at $37.99

    Oil-Filled Space Heaters

    Oil-filled space heaters are extremely efficient because their metal casing holds heat longer. This means they do not require electricity 100% of the time. Like ceramic and infrared electrical heaters, oil-filled radiator heaters are quick to respond and therefore are ideal for rooms that are used infrequently or for providing temporary warmth during seasonal changes when the home heating system may be off.

  • Oscillating Space Heaters
    Starting at $24.99

    Oscillating Space Heaters

    Attractive, modern oscillating infrared space heaters from provide fast, quiet heat at less power than traditional electric heaters. They operate on the principal of standing in direct sunlight. Many models can be remotely controlled and feature temperature setting options and automatic timers.

  • Under-desk Heaters
    Starting at $84.99

    Under-desk Heaters

    Under Desk Heaters are often used when central heating cannot reach and provide adequate heat in areas that need heat the most – our feet. When your office space or cubicle feels like an ice cube you can use one of the heaters we listed in this category to keep yourself warm.

  • Wall Space Heaters
    Starting at $49.99

    Wall Space Heaters

    Wall space heaters are ideal for extending the time you can entertain family and guests congregating in enclosed outdoor living areas such as gazebos and Florida rooms. Moreover, portable wall heaters can move where your family moves from the kitchen to the den or to individual bedrooms.

  • Wall-Mount Space Heaters
    Starting at $89.99

    Wall-Mount Space Heaters

    Choose from our broad selection of wall-mounted space heaters to save money instead of operating your home’s central heating system to heat rooms that are not occupied. Like ceramic and infrared electrical heaters, wall-mounted space heaters are quick to respond to warm dressing rooms, nurseries, bedrooms and other areas.