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Commercial HeatersHeating large open commercial spaces such as warehouse stores, “big box” stores and factory outlets calls for a commercial electric heater mounted at strategic locations on ceilings and walls. These efficient commercial electric space heaters are important for customer comfort as well as for sales personnel comfort during cold-weather selling seasons. Comfortable working temperatures also promote efficiencies in manufacturing facilities and assembly lines – a need fulfilled by an industrial electric heater to direct warmth toward personnel work areas. HeaterStoreOnline.com is your reliable source for a wide range of commercial industrial heaters. Browse our selection and make your choice.

We are pleased to offer an elegant selection of electric commercial indoor heaters ranging from heavy duty toolbox heater and blower heaters, to infrared portable heaters. Indoor commercial heater must be reliable and powerful, yet efficient and durable.
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Indoor Heaters
Elegant selection of commercial outdoor heaters ranging from electric and propane patio heaters to electric infrared wall mount heaters. These heaters are great for outdoor restaurants or nightclubs/pubs, large warehouses, construction yards.
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Outdoor Heaters

Enclosed open spaces such as fire houses, EMS response vehicle garages, assembly halls and large open retail spaces are ideal candidates for commercial electric space heaters from HeateStoreOnline.com. A heavy-duty electric industrial space heater should be selected for delivering full-time or supplemental heating for factory and industrial spaces such as assembly lines, packaging lines, and shipping and receiving bays.

Unlike most residential electric space heaters a commercial industrial electrical heater must be professionally hard-wired into the building power grid and requires a 220-volt or more power source depending on the size. Thermostatically controlled industrial electric space heaters are designed so that their fans continue to operate a short time after the units switch off – thereby avoiding component overheating while circulating the remaining heat in the industrial electric space heater into the area.

While most of these industrial electric heaters and commercial electric heaters operate as convection heaters to warm entire spaces, other options include commercial electrical space heater radiators that can be strategically mounted on posts or under canopies to provide radiant heat at entranceways. They are also used to warm bus and train shelters. Inside the building these radiant heaters serve personnel at individual assembly line workstations. This can result in power savings because ideal room temperatures are not required throughout a large open space.

When your plan to buy a commercial electric space heater or buy an industrial electric space heater, make HeaterStoreOnline.com is your first stop. Among our selection of designs and heating capacities there are sure to be models that fit your requirements perfectly. Order today or contact us for further information.
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