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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

What could be better when outdoor entertaining than to have the family and friends gather around an outdoor fireplace to enjoy games, food prepared on the barbeque grill and refreshments? Outdoor fireplaces in many styles are being added as features in new housing developments. Now homeowners can easily add an outdoor fireplace to their own yard, deck or patio. Use these attractive accessories to enhance your outdoor living space and to provide warmth during cooler evenings in the spring and fall. We offer a tremendous selection of most popular outdoor fireplaces and there is one that is sure to add charm and value to your outdoor living area. Take a look at our offerings.

  • Outdoor Fire Pits
    Starting at $99.99

    Outdoor Fire Pits

    With this elegant outdoor furniture piece you can enjoy sitting by the fire feeling warmth on cooler afternoons or evenings (perhaps even nights) helping you enjoy your backyard or patio during cooler months of the year.

  • Outdoor Patio Fireplaces
    Starting at $159.99

    Outdoor Patio Fireplaces

    Freestanding outdoor patio fireplaces are good for many uses, but great for outdoor patio entertainment. Constructed of steel and fired with real wood Patio Fireplaces provide natural heat as you enjoy your outside setting or entertain your close friends.