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Electric Fireplaces

FireplacesAdd aesthetics and value to your home quickly and inexpensively by choosing from a variety of affordable electric fireplace models available in our online store. While some purists might call them an electric fake fireplace, today's modern electric fireplace designs are extremely realistic and provide the same welcome heat as traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Here are a few examples of popular electric fireplace designs available today, all safe, code compliant and flexible in terms of where you can put them.

Easy to install electric fireplace inserts provide the ambiance and welcome heat of a wood-burning fire including a realistic artificial flame but are smoke and spark free. Select your modern electric fireplace insert from the wide variety offered at our online store.
Starting at $524.99
Fireplace Inserts
Unlike many electric fireplaces that sit on the floor, these are fireplaces hanging on the wall. This means that a modern wall mounted electric fireplace requires no floor space. They can be installed at any height you wish – a strong safety point if young children are playing in the room.
Starting at $184.99
Wall-Mount Fireplaces
If you’re looking for something different in a decorative electric fireplace, consider a popular electric corner fireplace available at our online store
Starting at $1,049.99
Corner Fireplaces
Electric stoves are inexpensive way of adding an imitation fireplace to your indoor or outdoor area. The real wood-burning look provides the illusion of a fireplace while convection heating technology completes the feeling of a fireplace nearby.
Starting at $124.99
Fireplace Stoves

The romance of a wood-burning fireplace comes to a quick end when smoke invades the room or when it is time to carry out the ashes. That's why more and more homeowners are turning to electric fireplaces when they plan a new house or add a room or add ambiance to an existing room. Today's lightweight, safe electric fireplaces provide warmth and a decorative touch with realistic "flames" that emit no smoke or ash. A modern electric fire place can be turned on or off with a flick of the switch. Many of these models feature thermostat controls that allow you to set the degree of heat you want.

For example, if floor space is at a premium you can select an electric wall mount fireplace. Electric wall mounted fireplaces come in several designs and are easily attached to the wall and connected to a nearby electrical outlet.

For homes with existing wood-burning fireplaces a likely choice is an electric fireplace insert. Cap the chimney to control dust, drafts and potential wildlife incursions. Inserted fireplaces provide welcome heat and ambiance but require no wood, no ash removal and emit no smoke.

Many early American homes were designed with several corner fireplaces connected to a common chimney. These are replicated in today's modern electric corner fireplaces available in many styles. In fact, electric decorative fireplaces are available in a variety of designs from traditional to modern, matching your personal tastes in room design.

Occasionally used guest rooms and game rooms are likely candidates for a space heater electric fireplace that can provide quick and welcoming warmth during cold winter nights. Some of these are designed like old-fashioned woodstoves, with glowing "flames" behind an isinglass window.

Take a look at our broad selection to find a popular electric fireplace ideal for your needs. There is sure to be a traditional or contemporary electric fireplace that complements any room in your house. Contact us if you want to buy an electric fireplace or ask any questions you may have. We're sure you'll be satisfied with our selection and service.
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