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Oscillating Space Heaters

Oscillating HeatersOscillating space heaters are electric heaters designed to direct heat to wider areas of the room by oscillating right and left over their support axis. Available as towers or sunburst-designed tabletop and floor models these attractive heaters are an improvement over “glowing metal-wire” or standard ceramic heaters and infrared heaters. They are ideal to supplement central heating by providing added comfort to room occupants without turning up the household thermostat. Because they oscillate more people benefit from these energy-efficient electric heaters.

SPT SH-1508 Tower Ceramic Heater with Ionizer
Features a digital thermostat with LCD display and remote with 120° oscillation provides widespread heat coverage. Heat can also be turned off and operate unit as a fan. Elegant standing design will compliment any room.
Reg. $102.00
SALE $69.95
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SPT SH-1507 Mini Tower Heater
Oscillating option provides even heat coverage to gradually warm your room. Mini Ceramic Heater compliments any countertop and offers safe, soothing warmth.
Reg. $69.99
SALE $49.95
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SoleusAir HE08-R9-21 Oscillating Radiant Heater with Carrying Handle
This Oscillating Halogen Radiant Heater is one of most popular heaters because of its cost effectiveness. A helpful carrying handle and lightweight material allows this heater to be more portable than ever.
Reg. $59.99
SALE $49.95
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SoleusAir HE15-C7-01 Ceramic Tower Heater
This space-saving tower ceramic heater combines safe ceramic heating technology and a slim design that can go almost anywhere.
Reg. $52.99
SALE $44.95
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CZ50 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Small Personal Heater/Fan - 6Pack
Howard Berger CZ50 model is an Oscillating Fan-Forced Heater/Fan. This light-weight and portable space heater has three settings, a 70° Oscillation angle, and an adjustable thermostat.
Reg. $239.94
SALE $179.00
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CZ499R Comfort ZoneŽ Digital Ceramic Oscillating Tower Heater with Remote Control
This stylish Comfort Zone CZ499R oscillating fan forced unit comes equipped with Timer Function, Safety Tip-Over Switch and Full Function Remote.
Reg. $64.95
SALE $49.00
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CZ488 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Dual Ceramic Tower Citadel Heater/Fan
This compact and durable oscillating fan forced unit comes equipped with three heat settings, Safety Tip-Over Switch and Stay-Cool Body design.
Reg. $49.99
SALE $34.99
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CZ998 Comfort ZoneŽ Oscillating Parabolic Radiant Dish Heater
Comfort Zone CZ998 Oscillating Parabolic Radiant Dish Heater will warm your room with radiant heat, that heats the objects instead of the air. This compact space heater features adjustable direction and tilt, 70-degree oscillation, and chrome reflector.
Reg. $59.99
SALE $34.95
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Attractive, modern oscillating infrared space heaters from HeaterStoreOnline.com provide fast, quiet heat at less power than traditional electric heaters. They operate on the principal of standing in direct sunlight. Many models can be remotely controlled and feature temperature setting options and automatic timers.

Like most portable heaters, oscillating space heaters operate at 110-120 volts and can be plugged into any room outlet. They conform to all safety requirements and will turn off if accidently tipped over.

In addition to oscillating electric heaters, we offer a full line of infrared space heaters, ceramic space heaters and oil-filled space heaters. Choose an electric heater from our selection as an economical supplement to heating requirements or to provide heat for areas not connected to the central heating system. But first please study our heater guide for important information and help in calculating your heater size.
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