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Wall-Mount Space Heaters

Wall-Mount HeatersChoose wall-mounted space heaters where floor space is at a premium or where heat is not required all of the time. Guest rooms and spare bathrooms are ideal candidates for these compact, efficient electric heaters. Some models are permanently mounted on the wall surface while others can be recessed between studs during building or remodeling. They can be ordered to provide radiant, convection or both types of heat.

Qmark HT2024SS HT Smart Series Digital Programmable Wall Heater
This wall mounted heater uses 240 volts and its BTUHR is 853 - 6826. QMark's Fast heat response and Programmable touch screen built-in thermostat make the Smart Series one of the best wall mounted heaters on the market.
Reg. $400.00
SALE $300.00
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Qmark HT1502SS HT Smart Series Digital Programmable Wall Heater
This wall mounted heater BTUHR: 682 - 5120 with 5/2 day electronic programmable built-in thermostat. Convenient remote control included.
Reg. $400.00
SALE $300.00
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Qmark ECP1524 - Euro Style Wall Heater
This contemporary Euro-style wall heater uses soft curves on all edges, avoiding the sharp corners of a square design. High temperature plastic grille offers attractive appearance in a neutral color that is compatible with any decor.
Reg. $349.99
SALE $279.99
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202SL Qmark Radiant Plug-In Under-desk Heater
This heater is an ideal, commercial, and safe way to provide warmth for cold secretaries, bank tellers, receptionists, cashiers, accountants, architects, engineers - in fact, anyone who sits at a desk, counter or table whether at work or at home!
Reg. $165.00
SALE $95.00
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WPC1500 Qmark Portable Panel Heater
This portable space heater features efficient multi-watt switch allowing you to choose between three wattage levels for greater comfort control and energy savings.
Reg. $239.99
SALE $179.99
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Choose from our broad selection of wall-mounted space heaters to save money instead of operating your home’s central heating system to heat rooms that are not occupied. Like ceramic and infrared electrical heaters, wall-mounted space heaters from HeaterStoreOnline.com are quick to respond to warm dressing rooms, nurseries, bedrooms and other areas during seasonal changes. Properly installed they also can be used in Florida rooms and sun rooms to extend your outdoor season.

Most models of electric wall heaters have a fan to gently circulate warmed air. Heaters offered with thermostatic controls allow users to turn heaters on and off and set the desired temperature when in use. Some models have fan delay switches that prevent fans from running before heating elements are warmed, and keep fans running after shut down until the heating elements cool.

Because the surface of wall heaters becomes hot to the touch care should be taken to mount them out of reach of small children. Residential units operate at 110-120 volts and should be professionally hard-wired into the household power grid instead of being plugged into a receptacle.

Buy your wall-mounted heater in confidence from HeaterStoreOnline.com. They conform to all safety standards. But before selecting please study our heater guide for important information and help in calculating your heater size. Then take a look at our selection of top value wall heaters, determine the one that fits your needs and order today.
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